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Systema Class Training in the Netherlands – Scheveningen

26 Oct

Wrestling with Vladimir Zaikovsky, Russia, 2012

18 Jun

One of my highlights in Russia was was freestyle wrestling with Vladimir.
I thought i was an ok wrestler, but Vladimir was pinning me usually in a few seconds. His ability to feel, and sense the next move and the position of my body was incredible.

Now onto a few drills and tips he gave:

-Your body must be a unit – arms and legs working together.
Drill to feel: hands of floor, legs on wall turn over and over, spinning around so that your chest faces up, then towards the floor. Go along the wall then come
back the other way.
– One thing he said he learned from wrestling really good wrestlers is that “i don’t want to wrestle really good wrestlers” and “use what you have”.
– Feel tension in the other person, put the tension into the spine of the person
REPEAT- Floppy is not relaxed! Don’t overestimate Relaxation, it’s not only you, you need to find the tension of the other guy and go inside him.
– Go inside the other person, don’t just move on the outside
– Two types of movement, internal and external
External: You can see and you have a chance to defend against it
Internal: You cannot see and don’t know where the force comes from- not aggressive.
– Use your bodyweight on the person, don’t kneel near to person, and don’t tense, you want your full bodyweight on the person when wresting.
– Use little things, attack their support, little strikes, grab the skin etc.
– Look at partners body as a body, you can grab different things skin, fingers, arm muscle for example.

One thing that i also noticed was that his sensitivity was immense and it felt like he felt what i was going to do before i did it. The only way to experience this is to work with one of these guys.