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Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar Part 2 with Valentin Vasiliev

30 May


One person lays down, other person kneels above. Begin to shake the person, seeing the deepness of their relaxation by how the wave goes up their body, if it is stuck or restricted. Then tap the person all over, fast at first, with hands, then slower and deeper according to their heart rate, as it slows down – slow down the tapping to relax them.

– Extremely slow walking and walking backwards.

– Tenseing the body, up down, different strength’s, join with breathing.

– If your relaxed, you don’t have to breath,

“Michael said he’s relaxed so he does’nt have to breath”


There was a small group of us, that had a conversation with Valentin during the break, he had a lot of interesting things to say:

– If you have a hurt throat/solar plexus/stomach. Breath in a ball of air through your mouth and swallow it, that will relax the muscles and remove blockages.

– If you have a blocked nose open your mouth and breath in the same time through your nose and mouth and out at the same time through both. This clears the airways. This is awesome.

– He emphasized if you have an injury, immediately start breathing through the injured part. It heals it much faster.

– He said also that just breathing through your body, and in and out through your organs is a very good health practice.


Overall an awesome seminar, with many interesting experiences, when Vladimir came round i got to work with him a little, and that for me, was the highlight.

Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar – Hamburg 19/20th May 2012

25 May

This was an extremely interesting seminar!  I saw many old friends and “seminar goers” and met many new people, the atmosphere was very enjoyable. I have not seen Vladimir since 2006 and that was in the UK. His way of moving has changed a lot from the outside. He is still amazingly fluid, soft, hits very hard and invisibly but is at the same time a remarkable, calm, funny man. Throughout the seminar he was constantly making jokes, relaxing us all with a smile, while bombarding us with a torrent of incredible, interesting and useful information.

Now for some specifics:

Pushups – Pushing the floor away from you rather than pushing yourself up from the floor, a minor difference but very hard to achieve. Vladimir says pushing the floor away from you is the proper way to do pushups for striking. You can start this exercise from the lowest position on the floor, then going up smoothly. Start at a position when the muscles have no grab – cannot work… so you have to consequently use your tendons and ligaments. Vladimir also mentioned keeping the whole fist flat on the floor, and feeling the floor fully underneath your fist for the whole movement.

Then Vladimir said he will teach us how to go down in the Pushup, this involves releasing/relaxing your elbow muscles fully, allowing your body to drop to the floor. This took some work and muscle control.

Squats: The same thought also was applied to squats, the idea of pushing the floor away from you, with your feet. while keeping your feet flat on the floor, weight evenly distributed; between both legs and from front to back of feet. Then going down was simply a matter of relaxing/releasing the knees, letting the body drop to the floor.

The kind of psyche control necessary for this work is interesting; releasing, relaxing and letting go is not always easy.

Leg Raises: Lifting the legs up with a minimum of tension, rasing the upper legs first then the lower legs, kind of like a smooth, relaxed, wave-motion. Then relaxing them in the same way dropping/relaxing the lower leg and upper leg simultaneously but allowing the natural movement of the knees to work, hinging the leg first so that the feet impact a quarter second before. Again this was a combination of muscle control, relaxing and just letting go.

Vladimir showed all of these exercises in a calm, effortless way. It was inspiring to watch.

Next post: other exercises shown at this seminar and some ideas from Valentin Vasiliev, who was also there.