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Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar Part 2 with Valentin Vasiliev

30 May


One person lays down, other person kneels above. Begin to shake the person, seeing the deepness of their relaxation by how the wave goes up their body, if it is stuck or restricted. Then tap the person all over, fast at first, with hands, then slower and deeper according to their heart rate, as it slows down – slow down the tapping to relax them.

–¬†Extremely¬†slow walking and walking backwards.

– Tenseing the body, up down, different strength’s, join with breathing.

– If your relaxed, you don’t have to breath,

“Michael said he’s relaxed so he does’nt have to breath”


There was a small group of us, that had a conversation with Valentin during the break, he had a lot of interesting things to say:

– If you have a hurt throat/solar plexus/stomach. Breath in a ball of air through your mouth and swallow it, that will relax the muscles and remove blockages.

– If you have a blocked nose open your mouth and breath in the same time through your nose and mouth and out at the same time through both. This clears the airways. This is awesome.

– He emphasized if you have an injury, immediately start breathing through the injured part. It heals it much faster.

– He said also that just breathing through your body, and in and out through your organs is a very good health practice.


Overall an awesome seminar, with many interesting experiences, when Vladimir came round i got to work with him a little, and that for me, was the highlight.