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How to Shake up Your Systema Training

26 Nov

Sometimes in our training, we get into fixed patterns of doing things where we are comfortable and not pushing ourselves to further levels of skill.

Here are a few ideas to add some excitement into your training:

– Add objects: Even a simple object such as a chair or stick can change your entire outlook and mindset when training. For example; sit on a chair and defend yourself while others attack you.

– Change the environment: Every environment gives you a different feeling and provides your psyche with different stimulus’s. Some places tense us up, other’s relax us. Learn to make your psyche adaptable, malleable and strong. Train regularly in unfamiliar surroundings; for example; outside in the forest, in a bar, in your living room, in a shopping centre.

– Work your weaknesses: All of us have things we are not good at, this can be something general like fighting on the ground, or something more specific like getting out of a certain lock. Regularly train the things you cannot do well and you will become better at them, in turn this will make you more free and whole.

Any ideas? Tell us in the comments.

What is Russian Martial art?

10 Nov

When someone asks what martial art do you train, we say Systema and 9 times out of 10 people will not have heard of it.

So instead of saying; it’s like Krav maga but more relaxed, Karate but less rigid, Aikido but more free, we can summarise it in three simple ways:

1: Free – No fixed or rigid structure, no rules, no set patterns, forms or kata. Working in any and all situations, fast, slow, soft work, hard work.

2: Breathing, Body Control and Health: Training the body, psyche and spirit to become a true warrior. Becoming stronger, healthier and more whole. Facing our fears, knowing ourself.

3: Fighting; Punching, kicking, wrestling, ground fighting, fighting with weapons, in any position, in any possible situation. Standing, sitting, laying down, from a hold, lock or grab, moving or standing still.

Of course you can explain all this to them, or just show them!