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Training in Meppel, Jumpers and Talking

21 Jan

Firstly the class was excellent:

– Similar drills to wednesday, with twists and changes,

– Working with arms and legs simultaneously together, the whole body works

– moving away from the strike/kick with just enough motion to remove the force, more and it is excessive

– staying in the movement, with him/her

– flowing with the person

– person strikes and kicks and you move away in a manner to keep your body form good, soft and free.

– same drill now you do something back to the person to effect their structure, timing is important here.

And now for the return journey – so i was very kindly given a lift to the station in Meppel, so i was there with time to spare before my train came, i walked up to the station and noticed the electronic sign boards were completly blank. I think WTF? Then i look where it says my train and i notice it is still written, whew…

Then i hear a lady coming on the intercom, saying something about a man jumping on to the tracks, therefore there are NO TRAINS RUNNING BETWEEN MEPPEL AND ZWOLLE, and I MUST GO TO ZWOLLE. Shit. estimated next train 00:00. So i relaxed, breathed, thought, i decided to see what was happening with the other people waiting, i got into a conversation with a guy and he had to pick someone up from this station, but now – because of the jumper – was stuck at the other station. he says maybe i can give you a lift, “sure thing” i said.. In the end there was an emergency bus from the rail company, so i did’nt need a lift with the guy. Things to think about.

Why did a random man offer to give me a lift, from a 5 minute conversation?

What made him trust me? Would he do it with everyone?

This i believe is the skill of communication/conversation – in a word “Talking”, unfortunately in this modern society it is mostly a lost art.