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Systema Professional Course – Starts October 17th 2013!

21 Sep

Systema Professional Course in the Netherlands!

Due to popular demand, a new course has been created by Systema Scheveningen:

The main theme is “How does Systema apply in a professional environment?”

Taken from PDF of course program:

“This training is designed to prepare any person, typically a professional or a person with previous martial art, security, police or military experience, for combat. Using the Systema methodology you will go through a series of training and drills, designed to work directly and precisly with your mind and body. Training will gradually increase in intensity and difficulty. Classes are once per week for 1.5 hours over a period of 8 weeks”

For More Information: http://www.systema-scheveningen.nl/procourse

To Sign Up: https://www.systema-scheveningen.nl/signup