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Mindwork Seminar Sunday

24 Feb

This day had a relaxed atmosphere, maybe because of the amount we all ate and drunk the night before, to start we took it slowly…

We began with walking, 2 steps inhaling  1 step exhaling, then 4 steps inhaling 2 steps exhaling, and so on up to 14 inhaling, 7 exhaling. Then straight to 1 steps inhaling 2 steps exhaling, 2 steps  inhaling 4 steps exhaling and so on up to 7 inhaling 14 exhaling then to finish 1 step breathing in, 1 step breathing out.  This was pure breath and mind work.

Then a massage, 1 person lays down and the other person kneels next to them, puts one hand on their lower back and begins to slowly shake the person, the object is to feel the persons internal rythm and shake them so as to relax them, the shake should move throughout their entire body, and at the speed that is right for them, try it faster/ slower or deeper/shallower. Then put you other hand on the bottom of their lower back, still shaking the person with this rhythm, and slowly move the other hand up their spine, allowing them to feel that point where you put your hand. Work you way up to their top neck vertebrae, then begin to move down. A tip that was given, is that whatever side you kneel (beside the person laying), they must turn their head to face your direction.

After that we laid down on the floor (on our backs) and on the out breath held our breath, restored, then again held the breath on the exhale, again restore. Then the same but laying on the left side, then Right side, and stomach. 2 breath holds+ recovery cycles per position.

I found the next exercise very interesting:

You sit cross legged, and inhale, exhale and let your back and neck bend foward, inhale, exhale and let it go down more, keep repeating this releasing your muscles. Then on the last point, inhale, exhale and hold your breath. When you can hold it no longer, do recovery/burst breathing and let that breath pump you up to your original position, if you do this right, it will feel just like the air pumps you up. Repeat.

Then the same exercise but with legs stretched out to either side. Repeat.

Some interesting thoughts and ideas given:

– Give honest feedback, tell your partner what you feel, and experience.

– Play – experiment, do something, Make mistakes

– Dont give the partner any tension otherwise he can feel you move and react.

– Relax the hands keep them heavy

– Relax the shoulders, otherwise, again, he feels your movement.

Mindwork Seminar Saturday

20 Feb

There were a lot more people on saturday with a bigger place, this changed the feeling and energy of the seminar, it was one of the funnest i’ve been to.

We started off running – systema style, relaxed body, ankles, feet, hips, shoulders starting from 1 step inhale 1 step exhale then onto 2 steps inhale 2 step exhale up to 14 then when we reached 14, we were to began again 1 step inhale, 1 step exhale. This was explained that you could do 1 to 14 then back down through 13, 12, 11 etc, but this way of going straight to 1,1 afterwards makes you change your breathing pattern quickly, you have to adapt more.

– 5 pushups with our whole body tense as possible slowly with burst breathing, same exercise – 5 situps, then 5 squats the same, going as far down in the squat as you can manage with full tension.

– 5 pushups with half tension burst breathing and slow! same with situps and squats.

– 5 pushups completly relaxed, let your body flop down as a unit then wiggle up with your shoulders. 5 situps completely relaxed, flop down as a unit then kind of wiggle up using as little tension as possible – imagine no tension. Then 5 squats completly relaxed, the same letting your body drop onto your legs then waveing yourself up different ways.

Then rolling on the floor completly relaxed, the softer your breathing the softer your rolling. Change the breathing and change the movement with it, inhaling one movement, then exhaling the second continuously.

Then we did a few exercises with a stick, here are my favorite:

Person puts the stick over their shoulders – scarecrow style, then falls down, gets back up. Do this foward backward and roll. Then same exercise but with stick behind back in elbow crutchs.

Then Person 1 puts stick behind head again and Partner 2 pushes and pulls the stick to take the partner down to the floor, working slowly and softly, making it harder for the partner with the stick by positioning him to fall in awkward positions.

Then a few things with a knife, one of my favorite drills, was you kneel opposite the partner, then you try to stab them with a knife, they disarm you staying on knees, then they stab you.

An important thing i got from working with the guys from systema finland was Staying Calm Inside. This is more difficult than it sounds, and it shows me how much i have to work on.

10-12th February “Mind Work” Systema seminar

18 Feb

This seminar was extremly interesting and unique. Given by some very skilled guys from Systema Finland. The main work of the seminar was what they called “Mind Work”.

Friday – Some notes and exercises

(Some excellent and amazing warmups given!)

– Walk around the hall 1 step breathing in, 1 step breathing out, when you get to the place you started walking from you do, 1 pushup, 1 leg raise, 1 squat. Then walking again, 1 step inhale, 1 step exhale, when you get to the starting place again you do 2 pushups, 2 leg raises, 2 squats. and so on using the walking as a restoration period, to relax and remove the tension. This was up to 14 then start from 1 again.

(There was something mentioned about, if you have back problems do situps instead)

– Partner 1 punches Partner 2 just by straightening the arm, relaxing and straightening. Partner 2 then says what they feel, where are you tense, in your body, as your tension stops the force coming out of your arm. (tense hips, spine etc) (Also your internal tension, “trying” to hit, instead of hitting)

– Then same drill, but first strike is normal, then on the second, the person punching, should think/make the strike go deeper, not by hitting harder just by the mind.

– Rolling and moving on floor, releasing your muscles and body, going slowly, softly and relaxed, breathing in on one movement then out for another movement, making the breathing as smooth as you want the movement to be.