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Stick Work Video – Systema Scheveningen

6 Nov

A video of some stick work; focuses on movement, flow and support.

Daniil Ryabko Seminar – Veendam – Part 2

22 Nov

With the Stick
– Put stick on the floor, facing straight upwards and put both hands on top of stick, and let your legs and back relax in a wave motion and let the stick curl under you as you fall softly to a laying position, the same facing with your back to the stick
– Now one arm on the top of the stick supporting yourself, and let your body relax, then your shoulder, keep hold of the stick and fall softly onto your stomach
– Put the stick straight upwards on the floor and walk both hands down it and back up, supporting all your weight and balancing.

– Lay on the floor, place the stick near your head, (facing upwards) and walk your hands up keeping your body straight, you can curl your legs for balance and support or try it with straight legs.

– Again laying flat on your back, the stick upright, above one of your shoulders. Hold the stick with one hand, your thumb pointed down, and pull youself up in one smooth motion to a standing position

Р Holding the stick straight up on the floor, lay down in front and hold the stick in the middle with your hands and in one smooth motion pull yourself up, keeping your body straight.
– Do just enough. Equal to the amount of effort you need for these exercises, exert yourself not more and not less.

On Wall with Stick
– Put the end of the stick on the wall -straight – hold it with two hands supporting your weight with it, then you go underneath the stick , till at one point your head is looking up to the ceiling with the stick between you, keep climbing around until you come to a standing position again,
now put the stick lower, go both ways, then lower, until as low as you can. You can get really low.
Try this again with only one hand supporting yourself the full way around and then with the other hand. This is is a really fun exercise, breath and you can do it for longer ūüôā
– Their were loads of other variations, experiement and create new ones

Group Stuff:

– Pushups with one arm on the floor, one arm on persons shoulder next to you, 4 people in row.

РPushups with one arm, and with the other hand you hold the stick in the air, hands should be kept same level as go down in pushup, so stick is in the hands of all 4  people in a  row. Now change positions of people Рtwo people facing the other two people, all holding the stick up in the air as you go down in the pushup.

Mindwork Seminar Saturday

20 Feb

There were a lot more people on saturday with a bigger place, this changed the feeling and energy of the seminar, it was one of the funnest i’ve been to.

We started off running – systema style, relaxed body, ankles, feet, hips, shoulders starting from 1 step inhale 1 step exhale then onto 2 steps inhale 2 step exhale up to 14 then when we reached 14, we were to began again 1 step inhale, 1 step exhale. This was explained that you could do 1 to 14 then back down through 13, 12, 11 etc, but this way of going straight to 1,1 afterwards makes you change your breathing pattern quickly, you have to adapt more.

– 5 pushups with our whole body tense as possible slowly with burst breathing, same exercise –¬†5 situps, then 5 squats the same, going as far down in the squat as you can manage with full tension.

– 5 pushups with half tension burst breathing and slow! same with situps and squats.

– 5 pushups completly relaxed, let your body flop down as a unit then wiggle up with your shoulders. 5 situps completely relaxed, flop down as a unit then kind of wiggle up using as little tension as possible – imagine no tension. Then 5 squats completly relaxed, the same letting your body drop onto your legs then waveing yourself up different ways.

Then rolling on the floor completly relaxed, the softer your breathing the softer your rolling. Change the breathing and change the movement with it, inhaling one movement, then exhaling the second continuously.

Then we did a few exercises with a stick, here are my favorite:

Person puts the stick over their shoulders – scarecrow style, then falls down, gets back up. Do this foward backward and roll. Then same exercise but with stick behind back in elbow crutchs.

Then Person 1 puts stick behind head again and Partner 2 pushes and pulls the stick to take the partner down to the floor, working slowly and softly, making it harder for the partner with the stick by positioning him to fall in awkward positions.

Then a few things with a knife, one of my favorite drills, was you kneel opposite the partner, then you try to stab them with a knife, they disarm you staying on knees, then they stab you.

An important thing i got from working with the guys from systema finland was Staying Calm Inside. This is more difficult than it sounds, and it shows me how much i have to work on.

Jan Bloem Stickfighting Seminar – Veendam, Nederland 30e Oktober 2011

31 Oct

So i¬†travelled to the north of holland yesterday, to train in a seminar¬†given by Jan Bloem, whom I’d only seen once at a seminar a few years ago in england. I remember him being very smooth, relaxed, and one of the best systema-ers¬†i’d ever seen.

The seminar started out at 11am, and at the train station I saw some guys with sticks, so I knew either they were gardeners of Systema-men .

There was about 20-25 people, and or all had done Systema before.

we started off without the stick, moving on the ground to warm up, a collection of rolls and movements to relax us.
Then we stood up and practiced moving the stick around in circles and learning to move the stick using our whole body. 

Then an interesting drill, was about 10 people stood in a square and one person had to be in the middle practicing there stick movement, and the others had to watch, for a little bit of pressure, this is a good experience, and i felt this was valuable.

After that we moved on to being poked and held down with the stick in different ways while we were doing the push up and squat, then after that laying on the floor with people holding us down with the stick and then we had to escape. i liked this, because i felt challenged and had to make my body more relaxed in order to escape.

Throughout this seminar i¬†noticed just how much the tension had built up through my 2 years of only systema “life” training and not in a gym of with other people specifically training or devoted to systema.

We then went on to a two person drill, where each person held one end on the stick and we had to tangle them up, through pushing, pulling and twisting, and feel them through the stick, in order to take them to the floor. Then it was both people moving at the same time and both relaxed in order to develop a flow with the drill.

We then went on to training standing up one on one with a stick, one person attacking with a stick and the other person doing something. Then with one person punching and the other person using the stick to do something.

Then the final part and one of my favorites was stick massage, i¬†have not had a good systema¬†massage from hitting, walking on my back etc for a long time, and this time it was a stick massage, With a small stick, you lay on the ground, your partner rolls the stick first slowly over the individual muscles around your body, all over, jan said “not on the joints” and then very¬†slowly over the individual muscles again, stopping on the bubbles of tension that appear and working more with them. My partner knew what he was doing, a at times the pain was quite extreme, maybe also because i¬†havent felt it for a long time, i¬†continued¬†the burst breathing when it got very painful and by the end, I¬†felt a lot calmer and more relaxed, and my lower leg muscles especially, felt nice and soft, to the touch.

(There were more drills during the day but i cannot remember them fully now)

Overall a good day of training, as well as some interesting thoughts and discussions from jan.

Just what i needed to jump-start back into Systema.