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Moscow HQ Seminar – Internal Work (April 2013) – Part 1

5 May

This for me was one of the most interesting seminars I have ever been too. The topic was inner work, and Michael explained and demonstrated a lot, which was very interesting to see. See the video below for clarity.

Part 1 –  How a Blade or Stick can Correct Your Body, Give You Strength and Deepen Your Relaxation

– The first exercise was standing straight and relaxed and holding a stick in your hand pointing straight up, completely relaxing your body. Michael said that if you hold it correctly it will feel weightless and will help you have a straight back and good form. He went to explain that while holding a stick in this way and continually relaxing ourselves – this will heal and straighten our spine, it will help to align us in a correct form.
Change hands – do this for 15/20 mins just to get the feel of it

– Bring the stick in front of your chest, so your hand it about stomach level, find a relaxed comfortable position there. Relax all your body, from spine, to bicep, forearm and wrist, leaving just enough tension to hold the stick, – if you do this right the stick will almost hold itself. Michael explained that when this is done with either a stick or a blade, actually seeing the weapon – the wood or the metal – will give you strength, confidence and power. The effect is much more apparent with a sword.

– Bring the stick into the first position arm held at your side, stick pointing upwards. Relax again your whole body, now this is hard to explain – you just have to feel it; Put all of your body weight onto the end of the stick, transfer your body weight right to the end of the stick. Now lean the stick very slightly forwards and let the weight take you forward, and walk. Bring it back straight and try the same backwards, sideways. Let the weight of the stick shift your body weight, different directions.

– Same exercise as before, tilt the stick slightly forward and let its weight guide you, just walk forwards, keep walking around, relaxing your body as much as possible, feeling the weight of the stick and it’s weight “pulling” you forward.

Slow Exercises: Leg Raises and Extensions

17 May

We finished with Leg Raises, that is rasing the legs from a flat-out, laying down position to over your head as far as you can go.

Sasha emphasized:

– Keeping your body, shoulders, and neck relaxed through the whole movement

– Using the breath to pump your legs up and not engaging the stomach muscles as much as possible.

– Stretching your legs at the end of the movement over your head

– Go as slow as possible

Repeat for 10-15 mins

Then the stretch for the stomach muscles;

This was laying on your left side, with your arm stretched under your head, knees curled up to a 90 degree angle, and right arm laying over your back, relaxing the shoulder muscle. In this position relaxing you body as much as possible with your breathing. Do for 5-10 minutes then switch sides and reverse directions.

Then we laid down on our stomachs, and then using our breath, pumped/breathed ourself up so our head and legs were raised off the floor, and our stomach was the only part touching, then slowly burst breathed ourselves down.

This is a full contraction of the spine followed by a slow relaxation of the spinal muscles.

Repeat 5-10 minutes

That was all the slow exercises, sometimes this included systema situps (with a straight back). This series of slow exercises and stretches was followed by the Systema body walking massage.

Sasha told stories about how these slow exercises make you very strong, without muscle, and how they heal past injuries in a short time. I experienced this first hand, with an old injury, a severely torn MCL ligament – after the classes i was able to do things that i havn’t done for a long time, with increased freedom, mobility and strength. These exercises are extremely powerful.

Mikhail Ryabko Seminar – Nov 2011 Berlin – Sun

20 Nov

My memory is fading of the seminar so i thought i ‘d better write some stuff, while i still remember.

a big part of the seminar was about health:

– Keeping the spine healthy is very important, if it is out of balance the back and organs will be twisted, pressured and Pushed Down.  The heart will be twisted, and the blood will not be flowing properly which can cause many problems; headaches, stomach problems etc

– The spine should be relaxed (the muscles) and then should be corrected into the natural position then can be strengthened in this position, otherwise you get muscle imbalances and an inefficient use of the body and power.

– Exercise for relaxing and healing the spine, get a bench lay facing up with your head on it, now use your shoulders to move yourself over the bench – slowly, – then when you are over the other side with your feet on the bench go back moving yourself as much as possible only with your shoulders. (I heard loads of cracks and my back felt really relaxed after this exercise)

– Then after this exercise, one for lifting the organs: Your breath in and tense up the stomach and the back 2 inches up the spine, then breath out keeping the tension on bother sides of the body but only two inches, then go up another two inches with an in breath and tension on the stomach and back keeping the first tension, keep going until you are at your chest then breath out and relax slowly feeling what you feel.

– Punching taking ability increase exercise from daniel.  Your partner lays on the floor and you push your fist or a stick into his solar plexus area , he has to constantly breath, and relax that area and his body as much as possible, then when he is relaxed as much as possible you slowly give him pressure, teaching him to let the air exhale with the fist is pushed in, not doing it himself but letting his body learn that, working up to faster and harder pressures, the faster the push in the faster the air exhales and slowly the slower, working up to punches, then sitting up with punches, then standing with punches.

a little more to come…