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Intresting Solo Training End November

28 Nov

Traning tonight was short and powerful, i felt lke rolling so..:

– Rolling while extending an In breath through the entire motion of the roll, the same with an out breath smoothly exhaling and rolling at the same time

– Rolling with hands behind back held together. , (anyway) while breathing constantly (anyway), releasing tension and feeling, slow fast by feel

– Then restored myself to normal breathing and condition, then an out breath and hold, and roll around (with hands clasped all the time behind my back) anyway as long as possible, then burst breathing to restore myself.

– Then rolling with arms unclasped relaxed, smooth rolls, with any breathing style building to a flow and frenzy of rolls, from standing, kneeling, sqatting, sitting, smooth an constant.

The breathing and restoring myself.
10 pushups, situps, leg raises, squats – slowly. breath restore, finish 🙂

I have just attended a semina with sonny puzikas in belgium, my notes to follow 😉

State, Feeling and Training

18 Oct

Ever had one of those days where you feel shit?
like your training is a bit off, you feel tenser than usual.

I felt like that today, I decided to eat some crap to start the day off, 3 chocolate croissants and a cappuccino – gone 😉
They tasted really good, but then I started to feel crap. (I have one day a week or so where I eat crap other days I eat healthy – I think this is why 90% of the time my mood and energy is high and I feel happy)

Today was a day to eat crap, and it is incredible how much it influenced my state; to do things and to train.
I am in between part time jobs at the moment, which is cool with me, I like to have more free time, and I have worked 3 weeks straight – time for a break I think 😉

Although, today I called these companies called “uitzendbureaus” (in Holland kind of like job centres in England, but they seemed to be used more frequently here and are mostly privately run) and I possibly have work for next week so I will enjoy the free time, while I have it.

Down to training –
I started with stretching and breathing, pushing the limit of my focus and attention to relax all unnecessary tension and especially the body part being stretched.
I will make a video of this as well. – as to watch it is quite interesting, how far you can go when you learn to master your body, and awareness.
This took quite a while starting from my legs, and going up to my spine and arms and neck.
stretching and relaxing all body parts.

Then I did some rolling exercises with breathing.
One old exercise I did was lay face down on the floor and then roll forward without using your legs , just your shoulders a bit, midsection and back, then rollback trying to relax all unneeded body parts as much as possible.

After the rolling, I laid on the floor and relaxed my whole body with breathing, then breathed in through my stomach and out through my arms, then in through stomach out through legs then in through stomach and out through both – arms and legs.

After this training I felt a lot more whole and better.
I discover this almost every day newly, that breathing and Systema have a lot of power in changing how i feel and making me feel more whole/ free/ connected/ one – a word can’t really describe it, but try some of these things and feel it for yourself.
Have a good day 🙂