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Let the Body Work..

14 Jan

This class was excellent, went along the same kind of theme as wednesday in zwolle – working in slow motion.

Intresting things: Moving within the movement, not thinking just doing, letting the body work, going with the flow.

I had a tendency if things were going well, then i tried to think about and question in my mind what was good, then it stopped being good, so i lost the feeling and state, if i stay in that state and breath and relax then my body, skills, and breathing work all together.

All about the feeling and state that i’m in. A few years back i remember enetering that state very easily by starting to breath one breath was enough, now i think the breathing and relaxed calm state, the association – needs to be strengthened and trained/conditioned Answer = more breathwork 🙂

Cheers 🙂

First Zwolle Class of new year 11 jan

12 Jan

Interesting class tonight, lots of slower work, building control, precision and patience. Thoughts and things:

– we are getting a feeling, if you understand the feeling you can feel it, you don;t have to do all the things again that you did to get it.

– doing pushups, leg raises, squats till you feel the tension creeping into your body, then understanding that and moving on to the next exercise.

– massage work, partner lays down- in the pushup position on the partner moving with the palms of hands across the partner on head, feet. walking on back

– arend said something interesting after this, that we should pay attention to the areas that hurt and feel tense, and these are our areas we need to work on.

– Moving slow means we learn to control our movements better

awesome class to start the year off!