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What is Russian Martial art?

10 Nov

When someone asks what martial art do you train, we say Systema and 9 times out of 10 people will not have heard of it.

So instead of saying; it’s like Krav maga but more relaxed, Karate but less rigid, Aikido but more free, we can summarise it in three simple ways:

1: Free – No fixed or rigid structure, no rules, no set patterns, forms or kata. Working in any and all situations, fast, slow, soft work, hard work.

2: Breathing, Body Control and Health: Training the body, psyche and spirit to become a true warrior. Becoming stronger, healthier and more whole. Facing our fears, knowing ourself.

3: Fighting; Punching, kicking, wrestling, ground fighting, fighting with weapons, in any position, in any possible situation. Standing, sitting, laying down, from a hold, lock or grab, moving or standing still.

Of course you can explain all this to them, or just show them!

Systema Dutch Site

13 Sep

New Systema site in Dutch:


This has information in Dutch, as well as training class listings.