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What is Russian Martial art?

10 Nov

When someone asks what martial art do you train, we say Systema and 9 times out of 10 people will not have heard of it.

So instead of saying; it’s like Krav maga but more relaxed, Karate but less rigid, Aikido but more free, we can summarise it in three simple ways:

1: Free – No fixed or rigid structure, no rules, no set patterns, forms or kata. Working in any and all situations, fast, slow, soft work, hard work.

2: Breathing, Body Control and Health: Training the body, psyche and spirit to become a true warrior. Becoming stronger, healthier and more whole. Facing our fears, knowing ourself.

3: Fighting; Punching, kicking, wrestling, ground fighting, fighting with weapons, in any position, in any possible situation. Standing, sitting, laying down, from a hold, lock or grab, moving or standing still.

Of course you can explain all this to them, or just show them!

Systema Dutch Site

13 Sep

New Systema site in Dutch:


This has information in Dutch, as well as training class listings.

New Training Class – Delft, Netherlands

25 Jul

Hi Guys,

There is a new training group in Delft run by Ward Bergmans. I will be giving classes there once or twice a month:


Sunday’s: 20:00 – 21:30pm

Fuutlaan 166
2623 MX Delft

Contact: Ward Bergmans;


Hope to see you all there!

Systema Summer Outdoor Classes – Den Haag

18 Jul

Hi Guys,

I’m teaching Systema Classes outdoors every Saturday in July for the great company Sportzmindz. There are only two Saturdays left. Hope to see you all for training!

Every Saturday In July   Time: 15:30 – 17:00


De Savornin Lohmanlaan 215

2566 BZ Den Haag