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Wrestling with Vladimir Zaikovsky, Russia, 2012

18 Jun

One of my highlights in Russia was was freestyle wrestling with Vladimir.
I thought i was an ok wrestler, but Vladimir was pinning me usually in a few seconds. His ability to feel, and sense the next move and the position of my body was incredible.

Now onto a few drills and tips he gave:

-Your body must be a unit – arms and legs working together.
Drill to feel: hands of floor, legs on wall turn over and over, spinning around so that your chest faces up, then towards the floor. Go along the wall then come
back the other way.
– One thing he said he learned from wrestling really good wrestlers is that “i don’t want to wrestle really good wrestlers” and “use what you have”.
– Feel tension in the other person, put the tension into the spine of the person
REPEAT- Floppy is not relaxed! Don’t overestimate Relaxation, it’s not only you, you need to find the tension of the other guy and go inside him.
– Go inside the other person, don’t just move on the outside
– Two types of movement, internal and external
External: You can see and you have a chance to defend against it
Internal: You cannot see and don’t know where the force comes from- not aggressive.
– Use your bodyweight on the person, don’t kneel near to person, and don’t tense, you want your full bodyweight on the person when wresting.
– Use little things, attack their support, little strikes, grab the skin etc.
– Look at partners body as a body, you can grab different things skin, fingers, arm muscle for example.

One thing that i also noticed was that his sensitivity was immense and it felt like he felt what i was going to do before i did it. The only way to experience this is to work with one of these guys.

Vladimir Zaikovsky – Russia Classes 2012

5 Jun

In my month in Russia, the best classes for me, were with Vladimir Zaikovsky, they were practical, precise and demanding – mentally and physically. The learning was non-stop. He made sure we understood practically what he meant by unity, relaxation, and other terms that are usually more esoteric and uncertain. He demonstrated and talked about precisely what he meant and how to acquire/feel certain feelings and ideas.

From my memory and collections of notes, Here are some ideas, drills and suggestions from him:

– Unity of body arms and legs connected and work together.

Drill to feel: Pushup position against wall, slowly go up feel connection between arms and legs, with your weight and attention evenly distributed. Same on the floor in a pushup position, legs and bit wider, weight 25,25,25,25 % on arms and legs, Feel solid, relaxed and connected, Then your partner pushes you from above, side and different ways and you should be bouncy and relaxed but at the same time whole.

Drill for Unity – Put your legs on wall and your hands on the floor and turn around, so you belly is facing up and then turn around arm over arm, leg over leg going along the wall. Repeat for 10-15 minutes. You can’t do this if you don’t relax your shoulders and also you can only do it with unity = an equal weight distribution.

– Don’t describe, words are only words,. feel, collect the feeling and remember that feeling.

– Floppy is not relaxed, Don’t overestimate relaxation. You need to find the tension of the other guy, you need to go inside the other person. Not just movement on the outside. You move inside of him. Profound.

– Many people have different explanations. For example, If i ask about punching, a boxer will talk about technique, a bodyguard will talk about the situation, a street fighter will ask who he needs to punch. Look at this life, live in this moment, ask what is required in this time/situation, different things, different situation.

– What works in slow motion doesn’t always work fast.

– Keep body weight 50/50 upper/lower, side to side.

– Personal advice to me “Wake Up”

– First Victory then the War, The work is already done, before you begin.

– When doing pushing drills with fists, and other such sensitivity drills, don’t look for mystical energies don’t communicate with ghosts or spirits, the answer is here not there. It is right here, just our natural reactions and senses.  Look at him, how is he affected, watch the tension in him.

– Be in the situation.

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