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Alexander Andrichenkov – Muscle Control Exercise

22 Jan

Interesting exercise from the seminar.

You stand with your back to the wall, someone stands next to you on the wall.
You put you hand out on the side where you partner is.
They grab your hand with their two hands.
Your hand is still open, shoulder, body, arm relaxed,
You then begin to curl the little finger of your hand, into their hand to hold them, when that feels full and tensed, curl the next finger, then the next,
Until the whole hand is curled and feels “full” then begin to bend your wrist.
If you’ve done this correctly their whole body, should be connected to your hand and they should fall sideways off the wall

An Alexander Exercise – Muscle Control Part 1- from Paris 2012 Seminar

6 Jan

Stand sideways to a wall , put your hand comfortably on the wall, relax arm and shoulder, now rotate your hand, keeping your hand full on the wall, keep turning until your hand tenses then wrist, then elbow, then shoulder, your arm then straightens and the tension goes from your shoulder to your upper spine, lower spine, hips, leg then foot kicks out and then you step, this will turn you so you face away from the wall.

There is a video clip of michael doing this, that i posted:


Alexander showed the above, after this we sped up and ran to the wall – doing this motion and then letting the tension turn us and running the other way.