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Stick Work Video – Systema Scheveningen

6 Nov

A video of some stick work; focuses on movement, flow and support.

Moscow HQ Seminar – Internal Work (April 2013) – Part 2

11 May

Part 2 – Letting the hand, blade or stick lead the movement

The general principle in these drills is to let the weight of the stick lead the movement, and to let the stick pull you in different ways, so you don’t have to use muscles or force.

The first exercises were with a stick and were as follows:
Lay down on the floor, completely relax your body. Hold the stick in your hand facing towards the ceiling, continue to relax your muscles.

Slowly bring the stick across your body, carving a trajectory in the air, as to turn yourself, while relaxing every other part of your body. It should feel like the weight of the stick pulls you.

To do this correctly you need two things: relaxation and the right trajectory of the stick.
This is hard to explain, so here’s a video:

Watch from 2 mins 15 seconds

Then try the same exercise but now using just your hand, you can see in the videos below Michael gives the person something to reach for and guides him along the right trajectory to turn himself using just his hand.

Try the same with your hand the opposite way, reaching behind your back , leading from you palm, relaxing the rest of your body, as if the hand is pulling you.

Try the same exercise with your legs, with them leading the movement, and relaxing the rest of your body, especially your spine.

Try different ways of letting your hand turn you, For example; not only reaching across the body, but keeping the arm on the same side and just rotating the wrist and letting that turn and connect your body.

These are difficult exercises that require awareness, concentration and relaxation. You will feel when you do these correctly.


If you have any questions let me know, as these not easy to explain from a screen!

Rolling the Russian Way

22 Apr

In Russia there were some classes with trainers who i didn’t know, very skilled people but not normally teaching every week.

One such morning session, had a group of us, doing some very interesting movement drills;

– From a full down squatting position roll forward into the same low squat position in one movement – it is one movement. If you do this right it feels like you roll as one whole piece and land as one whole peice. Your weight starts on two legs and finishes on two legs

– From a standing position roll forward the same as the last roll and land in a squat. Your body should be collected and whole.

– Then the next step is from a standing position to roll forward and in one movement let the momentum and weight of the roll take you and stand you up. In the roll the weight will be in your whole body, when both feet land to get support, your body weight will be in your feet (tip: let your body weight travel up to your upper body and this will bring you standing up from the roll – without using strength.

– Afterwards you can do many kinds of rolls rolling sideways from standing, rolling forward, landing on one leg and coming up.

The most important thing: These are done in one continuous movement – no breaks in the movement.

(You can try using a shorter inhale/exhale to make the movement flow)

Alexander Andrichenkov seminar Paris – Dec 2012

19 Dec

This seminar was awesome, as i got to work with Alexander quite a lot. From working with him, i felt and learnt a huge amount. Working with him as with any of the top masters brings confidence, correct feeling, intuition and wholeness.

Alexander’s power, humility and skill of teaching was always present at this seminar. There was so much information and many drills in this seminar, here are a few;

Walking 1-20 and back down,
Pushups, leg raises, squats – 10 or 20 times each one
Slow Pushup, squat and leg raise 10 and 20 counts
Pushup position hold
– Walking inhaling and tensing up arm from fingertips to shoulders, exhaling and relaxing shoulders to fingertips then reverse. – in this also inhaling into and out of the part
– Walking inhaling and tensing up from toes to upper legs, then exhaling and relaxing from upper legs to toes.
– Walking inhaling and twisting arms upwards to tension then relaxing downwards, keeping your arms shoulder level out to the sides at all times.
– Walking on heels of feet, the walking on toes,
– Group exercise: walking, jumping forward, backward, straight up, situps together, going up and down from the floor together, arms linked. All of this in a circle, co-ordinating everyone’s movement together.

Stick work

– Forget the stick, concentrate on the person

– Spin the person around your axis or around his axis (spine)
– Person lays down on floor, holds one end of stick, you hold the other end, now using stick you turn him, he must relax, but keep hold of the stick
– Standing up, one person holds stick, you hold the other end with two hands. Now move him around, rotate his arms and body, try to tense his body starting from the wrist, elbow
arm, shoulder and too his spine, then manoeuvre him to the floor, experiment with small and large circles of movement.

Second part to come..

Vladimir Zaikovsky: Movement and Balance

21 Jul

What follows are some exercises and tips given by Vladimir involving movement and balance:

Knife Throwing:

– This was one of the best exercises with a knife i have ever done, basically get a metal knife, blunted, then throw the knife firstly too  each other, the idea being to move away and catch the knife at the same time, with the moving away movement. After a bit of that, you throw the knife at each other – In this exercise you must throw the knife at the person, not too them. Slowly increasing in intensity and variety.

Knife Movement:

One person grabs the other by the neck and first of all stabs slowly into the other persons body, different ways, then increasing with intensity and hardness, so if you don’t move well you feel it. One idea give here is that the body moves first then the hands move, body first then hands. The person being stabbed could also put their feet together, so their body really has too move.

Vladimir emphasized that these drills are about using the knife as a training tool, not specifically learning to fight with/against a knife, that came later 🙂

– Roll on the floor keeping knife pressed against body with one hand

– Roll while passing knife from hand to hand in  the movement of the roll.

Stick Head Walking:

– You place a stick (facing forward), with the middle in the middle of your head- balance it, then start to walk, forwards, backwards, faster slower

– Same , but now switch position of stick so two end are pointing to the left and right, which the middle in the centre of your head, now move.

– Then place the stick on one of your fingers and balance it pointing straight up, and walk and move. (switch hands)

(for these try to stay calm inside and you’ll find that you’ll feel the stick more and it will move less)

– If you’re with a partner get a knife and throw that to each other, forwards and backwards. Otherwise, grab a knife and pass that around your body.

Stick – Floor Exercises:

– Lay on floor, with one hand hold the stick near the middle, kind of like an overhead hitting position, from there put one end on the floor and lift yourself up with one arm, using the stick as support.

– With stick use as balance support on the floor and roll around with it, getting up down etc.