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Mistakes and Self Awareness: The Secret of Flow

13 Feb

Arends class on Wednesday was extremly useful for me. I became aware of many mistakes in myself.

In training i think that making about 60/70% mistakes is good, which means i then have space to learn, get better and make less РWhen that happens i make my training harder so i again make more mistakes. You have to make the mistakes yourself to learn from them, someone telling you is not enough, you must do it then learn what is better/ more effective to do.

I make the challenges in training, a bit higher than my skill level, which produces flow.

My perceptions of Flow – Everything is whole and working together, there is only the moment, the moment is only for itself, nothing exists outside what you are doing here and now, you just do what needs to be done, be, exist and yet you do think and feel on some level, but with only your body and unconscious mind (a lot faster and smoother). This is where the real learning occurs.

Some specific things i took from the lesson:


– give the person a space to fall into, don’t stand in their way of falling.

– Rotate and move the persons body not only with my arms but with my whole body, connecting and using everything.

– Be aware of when you are giving the person support, feel when you are and understand how to use it.

– lean the upper body over first then hip throw/foot sweep

– When you put your weight on your heels the tension goes to front of body, when you put weight on toes tension goes to back of body