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How to Train Systema and Develop True Power

21 Jan

In Systema what are we training? Speed, Strength, Power…

Absolutely. But what many people miss is the deep connection to breath, and that the most important thing in any exercise is our Focus. Focus on : our breathing, internal condition, movement, timing and our overall psche. Which is what makes Systema training different, is that we can control our awareness, pulling it inside, feeling our internal condition/tension level or putting it outside, just going with the flow (Just doing it)

Eg – in a pushup – relaxing our body, aligning the bones, feeling the pulse, flow of the blood pressure, breathing cycles, breath holds.

So we do develop strength, and power in our body but by focusing our attention in a way that connects and balances our whole body and psche. When we focus ourselves in this way and do an exercise that pushes us to a new level by overcoming our weakness, we get not a rational concept or principal but a Feeling.

These feelings we get, are our key to understanding systema/ourselves and the reason why michael, vladimir, valentin, ancient chinese and ninja masters can whup our asses!

They have inner strength, calmness and understanding – True Power.