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Relaxing The Skin

19 Jan

This class was very interesting:

– Relaxing the muscles, relaxes the skin so it becomes hard to grip/grab your arms, and you can escape easily.

– Any attack from person, punch, kick, grab, movement with the body – all in slow motion , same speed as attacker in the flow, breathing,

– same drill as above but then in the movement away doing something with the partner, staying in the movement,

– movement with the whole body – connecting the body as one,

– moving fowards and backwards on the floor, exagerating the shoulder movement so as to turn onto side of body when moving –  on stomach and back.

– crawling over partner using shoulders on front and back.

– partner twists you arm rotating inwards so you go downwards. Then you have to relax yourself into good form/relaxed body, and normal natural position. Same with rotating/twisting other way.

– Playing in the flow with a partner