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Mistakes and Self Awareness: The Secret of Flow

13 Feb

Arends class on Wednesday was extremly useful for me. I became aware of many mistakes in myself.

In training i think that making about 60/70% mistakes is good, which means i then have space to learn, get better and make less – When that happens i make my training harder so i again make more mistakes. You have to make the mistakes yourself to learn from them, someone telling you is not enough, you must do it then learn what is better/ more effective to do.

I make the challenges in training, a bit higher than my skill level, which produces flow.

My perceptions of Flow – Everything is whole and working together, there is only the moment, the moment is only for itself, nothing exists outside what you are doing here and now, you just do what needs to be done, be, exist and yet you do think and feel on some level, but with only your body and unconscious mind (a lot faster and smoother). This is where the real learning occurs.

Some specific things i took from the lesson:


– give the person a space to fall into, don’t stand in their way of falling.

– Rotate and move the persons body not only with my arms but with my whole body, connecting and using everything.

– Be aware of when you are giving the person support, feel when you are and understand how to use it.

– lean the upper body over first then hip throw/foot sweep

– When you put your weight on your heels the tension goes to front of body, when you put weight on toes tension goes to back of body

Flow: Grabs, Punches, Kicks

26 Jan

Awesome class in Zwolle last night.

Breathwork and restoration work to start:

1 pushup, 1 situp, 1 leg raise, 1 squat – run around the hall 1 time and restore yourself

2 pushups, 2 situps, 2 leg raises, 2 squats – run around the hall and restore yourself

Repeat to 10 then backdown.

Tips given – Minimise tension in the movemnts, restore yourself with faster burst breathing when running.

We started off with one partner laying down and the other partner doing rolls on them, then swtitch.

Then partner lays first of back and the other partner walks over them – just walks – over there chest, legs stomach. Then same drill but laying on the stomach.

Then partner sits up and the other partner stands on the upper legs and walks over them.

Then parter goes facing a wall and other one steps on the calfs and then walks up and down them.

Now standing partner punches other partner in the head, just hits 2-3 times then switch back and forth…  send the punch through the spine of the partner.

Then one partner grabs others arm and hits it shoulder, forar, bicep everything – very relaxed arms after this.

Then one partner punches the other has to breath and move/ escape. Same with grabs, then same with kicks. Then all together, then going to the floor while continuing movements, on the floor the same.

Then same drill but looking where the partner is tense and doing the movement IN the movement/ don’t stop the flow.

Thoughts of mine: just doing out, keeping myself there in the room, breathing staying whole and relaxed.

Shoulder blade pushups – found these very cool – as you go down in the pushup position squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold, then as you go up you relase them.

Let the Body Work..

14 Jan

This class was excellent, went along the same kind of theme as wednesday in zwolle – working in slow motion.

Intresting things: Moving within the movement, not thinking just doing, letting the body work, going with the flow.

I had a tendency if things were going well, then i tried to think about and question in my mind what was good, then it stopped being good, so i lost the feeling and state, if i stay in that state and breath and relax then my body, skills, and breathing work all together.

All about the feeling and state that i’m in. A few years back i remember enetering that state very easily by starting to breath one breath was enough, now i think the breathing and relaxed calm state, the association – needs to be strengthened and trained/conditioned Answer = more breathwork 🙂

Cheers 🙂

You Are Always Moving

18 Dec

This is from the training at Zwolle and Meppel during the previous week:

Main things that stuck in my head:

– Conversation with arend, he said that if a body is balanced you don;t need massage to relax, but it is useful for other things, getting used to contact etc

– when we get touched a lot our nerve endings relax

– punch where the person doesn’t expect if he knows where you are going to punch him he can absorb the contact from that point so  punch him somewhere else, somewhere unexpected.

– short work, not chambering the fist, punching from where you are, it is powerful because it is not seen.

– go with the flow of movement, blend with his movement

– double work, two things in one movement, two strikes in one motion.

– learning how to restore yourself is very important, restore yourself at every opportunity, on the downphase of a pushup, when in pushup position,

– you are always moving, inside and out, blood flowing, breathing, constant movement is important even if you can not see it, when you watch michael it is there – look closer. even a turn of the palm or a shift of body position. always move.