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Morning Routine: How to get good at Systema FAST

12 Sep

All of us want to improve our Systema as fast as possible, the ways to do this are covered in another post .

I want to tell you about the most important thing to learn Systema fast and how you can implement it in your daily life;

The most important way to get better at Systema is: commitment/hard work/time.

This is one of the oldest secrets to achieving anything, yet many people want things right here, right now without the work, which obviously – doesn’t work.

The best way to implement this into your life, is by having a morning or daily training routine. So for example; as soon as you get out of bed, you start training. As soon as you get home from work, while the dinner is cooking, you train for 20-25 mins. Find a time in your day that is usually squandered on TV, internet surfing or some other meaningless past time, and train, even for 20-30 mins. The important thing is that training becomes a thing you do every day, whether you feel like it or not.

That is the secret to getting good at Systema fast.

For more information on specific exercises you can do, check out:




Daniil Ryabko Seminar – Veendam – Part 2

22 Nov

With the Stick
– Put stick on the floor, facing straight upwards and put both hands on top of stick, and let your legs and back relax in a wave motion and let the stick curl under you as you fall softly to a laying position, the same facing with your back to the stick
– Now one arm on the top of the stick supporting yourself, and let your body relax, then your shoulder, keep hold of the stick and fall softly onto your stomach
– Put the stick straight upwards on the floor and walk both hands down it and back up, supporting all your weight and balancing.

– Lay on the floor, place the stick near your head, (facing upwards) and walk your hands up keeping your body straight, you can curl your legs for balance and support or try it with straight legs.

– Again laying flat on your back, the stick upright, above one of your shoulders. Hold the stick with one hand, your thumb pointed down, and pull youself up in one smooth motion to a standing position

–  Holding the stick straight up on the floor, lay down in front and hold the stick in the middle with your hands and in one smooth motion pull yourself up, keeping your body straight.
– Do just enough. Equal to the amount of effort you need for these exercises, exert yourself not more and not less.

On Wall with Stick
– Put the end of the stick on the wall -straight – hold it with two hands supporting your weight with it, then you go underneath the stick , till at one point your head is looking up to the ceiling with the stick between you, keep climbing around until you come to a standing position again,
now put the stick lower, go both ways, then lower, until as low as you can. You can get really low.
Try this again with only one hand supporting yourself the full way around and then with the other hand. This is is a really fun exercise, breath and you can do it for longer 🙂
– Their were loads of other variations, experiement and create new ones

Group Stuff:

– Pushups with one arm on the floor, one arm on persons shoulder next to you, 4 people in row.

– Pushups with one arm, and with the other hand you hold the stick in the air, hands should be kept same level as go down in pushup, so stick is in the hands of all 4  people in a  row. Now change positions of people – two people facing the other two people, all holding the stick up in the air as you go down in the pushup.

Vladimir Zaikovsky: Movement and Balance

21 Jul

What follows are some exercises and tips given by Vladimir involving movement and balance:

Knife Throwing:

– This was one of the best exercises with a knife i have ever done, basically get a metal knife, blunted, then throw the knife firstly too  each other, the idea being to move away and catch the knife at the same time, with the moving away movement. After a bit of that, you throw the knife at each other – In this exercise you must throw the knife at the person, not too them. Slowly increasing in intensity and variety.

Knife Movement:

One person grabs the other by the neck and first of all stabs slowly into the other persons body, different ways, then increasing with intensity and hardness, so if you don’t move well you feel it. One idea give here is that the body moves first then the hands move, body first then hands. The person being stabbed could also put their feet together, so their body really has too move.

Vladimir emphasized that these drills are about using the knife as a training tool, not specifically learning to fight with/against a knife, that came later 🙂

– Roll on the floor keeping knife pressed against body with one hand

– Roll while passing knife from hand to hand in  the movement of the roll.

Stick Head Walking:

– You place a stick (facing forward), with the middle in the middle of your head- balance it, then start to walk, forwards, backwards, faster slower

– Same , but now switch position of stick so two end are pointing to the left and right, which the middle in the centre of your head, now move.

– Then place the stick on one of your fingers and balance it pointing straight up, and walk and move. (switch hands)

(for these try to stay calm inside and you’ll find that you’ll feel the stick more and it will move less)

– If you’re with a partner get a knife and throw that to each other, forwards and backwards. Otherwise, grab a knife and pass that around your body.

Stick – Floor Exercises:

– Lay on floor, with one hand hold the stick near the middle, kind of like an overhead hitting position, from there put one end on the floor and lift yourself up with one arm, using the stick as support.

– With stick use as balance support on the floor and roll around with it, getting up down etc.