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3 Tips from Breathwork and Combat DVD Valentin Talanov

30 Dec

I got the breathwork and combat dvd for christmas, and worked through one section today, a few insights from Valentin that came up:

1- When walking, step on the whole foot, the foot is flat on the floor and relax the hips, legs, ankles and body when walking

2- Breath holds on the out breath, in pushup position in; 90 degrees midway position and full way down. Recover yourself in between each time. Then repeat.

(breath holds helped me release tensions that i did’n feel before, and gave me more sensation of pulse, blood pressure, and tension around my body) Try to feel this – when you do a breath hold, pay attention to where the tension gathers and where the blood pressure rises, try to equalize it during the hold, how- relax the parts that tense up, feel where the heaviness is and isn;t and make it feel equal. i found it very intresting work, the same as removing the excess pressure from a strike.)

3- Do as many pushups – or other exercise – until you become tired, then let yourself drop into the low portion of the exercise , then use burst breathing to pump yourself up to the upright position, a feeling where the breath fills you up, and pumps you up to the upright position, it will feel as if your body spreads the effort over your whole body more.  repeat this, then try with squats, leg raises, sit ups.

Systema Breath Training

14 Oct

I feel really good today, it’s amazing what sunshine and a cold shower can do.

My training today:

Laying in bed, breathing in and out through different parts of my body:

In through one arm, out through other, reverse

Legs: in one, out the other, rev

In through legs out through arms, rev

In through solar plexus out in a spreading motion through your body and out through arms and leg. Rev

Then breathing and stretching slowly, like when you just wake up in the morning, also like cat and dogs do in the afternoon sometimes – lazy breathing stretching.



This may seem a rather esoteric/new age thing to be doing, but when you understand why and feel the feeling for yourself, then you will know why I do it.

Essentially, you are removing those layers of tension that accumulate in your life, you are trying to strip away, as much as possible. Until your baseline body state is more relaxed, so even after you finish the exercise your overall tension level will be lower, for a while. Done continuously it can reset your body, in a way that makes you more aware of any excess tension and means you move, breath and think in a more relaxed, clear manner.

It all comes from awareness, once you are aware of your tensions you can relax them, if you aren’t aware of them, then you think the way your are moving, breathing/standing etc is normal. Until you become aware of the freedom that is lacking. This exercise makes you focus on minute areas and specific areas of your body, so you can pinpoint tense and restricted areas and relax them.


Then very slow Push-ups, Sit-ups and Squats , Breathing in on the way down and out on the way up.

A tip is listen to your breathing: is it free and clear? or is it shaky and blocked?

I did 15 of each. In between each 15, I laid on the floor and breathed, and became aware of the tension that accumulated in the specific body part: push-ups – arms/shoulders, sit-ups -stomach/spine and squats – legs: upper and lower muscles.

Then I laid on the floor tensed my whole body and then relaxed it, with an in breath to bring in the tension and an out breath to release it. 5 times.

Then I got up with breathing and did some slow rolls and ground movements.

Overall a good bit of training.

Some people may be thinking: what!!! training?? most of the time he was laying on the floor breathing, correct. I was, but my focus was different, and all of the exercises created a physical change in my body, work isn’t always on the outside. Konstantin komarov has said that work should be 50/50 inside and outside, a balance. If you only do internal work you won’t be prepared for the actual physical work, if you only do outer work, your psyche and body won’t be calm or relaxed enough to do work of a smooth, and high level.

Hope the suns shining where you are today 🙂