Learn Systema

1 – Find an Instructor or Group near you

The most important thing is to start Systema training as soon as possible. Get yourself to a group, train on your own if you like, but to avoid creating illusions of prowess, get to a class. Click here for a Free try-out class in Holland

2 – Buy some DVDs and a few books

Systema dvds are a great way to begin learning and understanding the philosophy and ideas behind Systema. The book Let Every Breath… Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters is a great introduction to Systema breath-work. Konstantins practical guide is also an excellent read: Systema Manual

Also an extremely interesting book written by Vladimir, though now not so many copies available: The Russian System Guidebook

Recommended DVDS:

Wrestling: Russian Martial Art, Systema Fundamentals

Strikes: Russian Martial Art, the System

3 – Go to a seminar with one of the Russian Instructors

The only way to really experience Systema is to go to a seminar with one of the guys are who good – exceptionally good. Youtube and video-clips only show a small portion of what is actually going on, physically and psychologically. Get yourself to a seminar or better yet spend some time in Russia.

Recommended Instructors

Arend Dubbelboer in Holland – www.russianmartialart-nl.com

Falko Zander in Germany – http://www.systema-berlin.de

Gareth Ashby in the UK – http://www.systemastevenage.co.uk

Jan Bloem in Hollandwww.datmovement.nl

Michael Ryabko in Russia – www.systemaryabko.ru

Michi Motoshima in Japan – http://systemakyusyu.jimdo.com

Rob Poyton in the UKwww.systemauk.com

Val Riazanov in the US – http://valriazanov.com/

Vladimir Vasiliev in Canadawww.russianmartialart.com

Recommended Books

Let Every Breath… Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters
by Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith

Systema Manual
by Konstantin Komarov





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