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Good VS Evil: How to Reach the Person and Develop Fighting Spirit

21 Jul

This post is part of a number of conversations I had with some of the Russian instructors, including; Michael Ryabko and Vladimir Zaikovsky;
-The Question: It is not Good vs Evil, evil makes this up. You should only remove what is causing the evil to work. If you work the same way as darkness you become darkness. You don’t fight it, you just do it.

-Spirit: Reach him, reach him with your fist and heart. Why is Michael so good? because the body is secondary, the soul (intention/awareness) is first. Reach the person/his spirit with your whole body.

-Punches and Kicks: Work with the person. Don’t fence with a person, feel the support, the tension. Feel where the move starts from.


How to Reach the Person:

(IMPORTANT: In these drills a relaxed, strong contact is necessary. The contact needed to take or reach the person- should be; not to little and not too much. When you feel your muscles tensing that is too much, just before your muscles switch on. Stay soft)
Drill: On the floor, one person grabs you and throws you slowly, then you feel the power he applies, let it go inside you, go with momentum and then put the power into him.
Drill: One person holds a stick, you hold the other end, reach inside the person through the stick and move him.
Drill: Spar slowly with the person and reach him. Don’t fence him, reach him.

With Resistance:

Exercise: One person stands in one place, they resist, the other person has to push them, take their spine and make them lose balance.
Now try doing the same thing- take the whole person/his centre of gravity/his balance by pulling his T-shirt, trouser pocket etc. Not through force, but through reaching the persons core.


Two Russian Exercises for Developing Confidence and Spirit:

DRILL: Two partners face each other, one has a wooden stick in front of his foot. One partner rolls the stick back on his foot, flicks it up and at the same time kicks it towards the partner-at him. Not so he can catch it, but reach him, his whole body and spirit.
DRILL: Throw a knife at each other, reach the person, not so the person can catch it, but at them, reach them. Once you reach the person you know it. Person that is having the knife thrown at them, should relax, move away from the knife and with this movement also catch it.

Final advice that was given to me and helped a lot; Don’t take the passive role, be active, be switched on.


Moscow 2014 – New School with Zaikovsky: Insights and Exercises

1 Jun

During my time in Russia last year, many things had changed and the “new school” was established. In general there were some different teaching methods than with the “old school”, and in my mind this was created to separate from the copy-cats and lower level teachings of Systema, made popular by a number of Russian/international trainers.

New School – A lesson in Internal work:

Whenever I train with Vladimir, I always come away with many new insights and this particular morning was no exception. He started off by saying that “internal work is a completely different way of working”

Exercise: You and a partner each grab each others hands, you can interlock fingers or just place palm against palm.

The basic idea is the partner applies pressure, you absorb his feeling, allow it to fill you up, then you give it back to him. Give him support, then take away the support, keep a relaxed body but a “full” hand.

Vladimir made a point of saying that you should make your hand alive, keep awareness and sensitivity there, it feels like a light tension or fullness just on the point of your hand.

Also, do not wait, always keep your body switched on or ready to work, or know how to switch your body on fast.

When you initially touch the persons palms, touch the whole person/connect with the whole person, their body.

This same drill can be done with a grab, someone applies a grab to you, you abosrb their tension, follow along it and then put this tension back into them, while keeping a straight body form. You have to flow or move inside the person.

This is very subtle work and if you do it correctly will require almost no force. This type of wok also opens up many new areas of sensitivity and awareness.

General advice:

Get the feeling and just do it. No hesitation, stay switched on, aware and in the moment. Conscious in the situation. Don’t react, move a little before. Pump body out a bit, get some form, relaxed but not floppy. Another way to describe this feeling, just before your muscles tense is the correct feeling, tensed is too much, just before. Not too little, not too much.

On working with a person: Treat the person as a person not just a body. Hit him, forget about you, its about him.

Advanced drill – for internal work:

This drill follows on from above, but requires more sensitivity as you have to feel and see the persons tension without direct contact. One person push’s a stick into you, you feel the direction and tension applied by him, and you redirect the tension into him or take his power away- so he feels he cannot push. If you get the hang of this, you can then try the same drill but now on the move and a little more dynamically.

On Taking Strikes: With this exercise as with others, there is an important piece of advice, “Dont be a victim, always be working”. Even when taking strikes, take them as if you would hit back afterwards.

Sparring Tips:

Be above the situation. Control the other person. If you are too much in the situation, you will be reacting to him rather than working ahead of him. Your mindset needs to be on another level.
Have a higher awareness than the situation.
Fast and soft movement, hit what is nearest to you, the arms etc
PUNCH for him, not just to punch. Punch him


Sparring With Vladimir Zaikovsky – Moscow Training

18 May

I’ve  now returned from Moscow training in the Systema HQ. This year was extremely interesting and had a few new interesting twists!

Classes with Vladimir Zaikovsky were at a completely different level from last year. Two classes that really stuck out for me were Systema style “sparring” classes one with punches and one with kicks.

The drill was as the below clip: basically punching each other, avoiding punches and moving. Starting slow then getting faster.

Some important points Vladimir emphasized were:

– Being above, higher than the situation. If you are in the situation and reacting to it, you will never be fast enough. You need to be active versus passive. He actually emphasized this throughout all the training, even if you are standing taking strikes, be ready to strike back – active – versus just being passive. Control the partner so he moves how you want him to move. Have a higher awareness than the situation.

– See what is happening in the moment and work with that, not what you think is happening.

– Don’t just punch his body or punch just to punch, punch him. This is not easy to explain but very clear when you feel it. A person can punch your body and you still stay ready and aware with your mind. You need to punch the partner in such a way that you reach him. Reach his body, psche and spirit – himself all in one.

– On the first level, the work should be soft and free. Punch what is nearest to you, for example arms, and don’t try to reach for his body.


Holiday Greetings

20 Dec

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your support this year, you have now made this site one of the most popular Systema websites in the world!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the Best for 2014!

Stick Work Video – Systema Scheveningen

6 Nov

A video of some stick work; focuses on movement, flow and support.