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Thoughts on Removing Tension

23 Oct


When I first began Systema in 2005, I remember the first 10-12 months of classes and lessons, how every week I would come home with bruises all over me, as the tension was stripped from me, a gradual process, then after a year it became every 2 weeks occasionally every week, as I bruised less and less.


When I took my training break to travel, I used breathing every day in many different situations and retained the awareness of my body, if it was tense I had the ability to relax it without too much effort.


I did some push-ups and squats and maybe a few rolls almost every day, but only on a few occasions did I wrestle or fight with other people, my understanding of Systema stayed inside me and I was able to better every opponent I fought with, as a play fight/game, or in situations when I needed my mental sharpness -against people who were trying to rip me off or scare me, or other such things.(Systema/I prevailed, I think mostly due to my quite intense training previously, Mental and physical)


Anyway back to my point: I have been training more focused the last few weeks to prepare myself for harder training with Mikhail in Berlin in November and also at group classes which I start next week.

I have done lots of rolls and movements on the ground and it is a great way to soften my body, (the ground doesn’t lie) and I have found myself -as when I first started Systema- with quite a few bruises on my body, on my shoulders, thighs – places where the tension and fear has accumulated. My training now will address these areas and uncover more such places.


Removing tension is an interesting goal, as it can be done a number of ways, many are more permanent than others, but all are important in some way.

A few methods and examples with each:

Through the psyche/ spirit/deepening the awareness – using breath holds, breathing patterns, feeling the pulse,

Through the body – core exercises (pushes etc), exercise holds, breath walking, squat walking, ground movement, tensing/relaxing drills

Through partners – crowd fighting/movement, striking, massage, movement drills

Although as you can see all the drills and ideas are part of a whole, and for instance the body does not function without the psyche and without a body your mind can do nothing, everything affects each other and is interlinked.

(I remember this phenomenon from before, that maybe I would be training for a week or two and wouldn’t do much work on the ground, then suddenly the next class would be ground work, and I found that I was even better than before – without doing ground work!)


 This is cool thing in Systema where everything carries over to everything else, and to truly experience this why not go to a few classes?!


Have fun in your training 🙂