The Methods and Exercises of Russian Systema

Do you want to learn the previously classified knowledge of the Russian masters and warriors?

Defend Yourself – Training designed to activate innate body intelligence: powerful movements, invisible strikes and effective deadly skills.

Become Stronger – Unique exercises to develop strength while simultaneously developing your relaxation and flexibility.

Grow Calmer– Specialised breathing exercises developed by the Russian special forces and undercover professionals to stretch your level of comfort and remain level headed under stress situations.

Heal Old Injuries – Powerful massage methods, principles of movement and body structure which free you from old tensions and injuries and make your body elastic and free.

Transform Yourself– Learn how to control your body, emotions and thoughts, become whole and discover your own inner power.

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About the Trainer

Since the age of 15, Thomas Hogarth has trained extensively with the Russian masters and warriors. Using this knowledge he has taught Systema classes in the UK and Holland for civilians and professionals. He teaches from his own experience of life and confrontation while travelling and living in 20+ countries, being exposed to different people, situations and environments. He currently lives and gives classes in Den Haag, Holland.

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Plans for 2013

– Moscow Trip (April)
– Alexander Andrichenkov and Daniil Seminars

One Response to “About”

  1. Richard October 28, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

    Hey Tom, I watched a video of you and now I can’t find it anywhere. Please could you post it somewhere easy to find as I would like to refer some people to that vid 😉

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