Sparring With Vladimir Zaikovsky – Moscow Training

18 May

I’ve  now returned from Moscow training in the Systema HQ. This year was extremely interesting and had a few new interesting twists!

Classes with Vladimir Zaikovsky were at a completely different level from last year. Two classes that really stuck out for me were Systema style “sparring” classes one with punches and one with kicks.

The drill was as the below clip: basically punching each other, avoiding punches and moving. Starting slow then getting faster.

Some important points Vladimir emphasized were:

– Being above, higher than the situation. If you are in the situation and reacting to it, you will never be fast enough. You need to be active versus passive. He actually emphasized this throughout all the training, even if you are standing taking strikes, be ready to strike back – active – versus just being passive. Control the partner so he moves how you want him to move. Have a higher awareness than the situation.

– See what is happening in the moment and work with that, not what you think is happening.

– Don’t just punch his body or punch just to punch, punch him. This is not easy to explain but very clear when you feel it. A person can punch your body and you still stay ready and aware with your mind. You need to punch the partner in such a way that you reach him. Reach his body, psche and spirit – himself all in one.

– On the first level, the work should be soft and free. Punch what is nearest to you, for example arms, and don’t try to reach for his body.



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