How to Connect the Body and Move as a Whole

17 Feb

These are some of my thoughts from this morning:

When you see Michael and the Russian instructors move, they seem to be one whole piece. Connected, together and free.

What does this mean? They have no restrictions in their body, the blood flows freely around, there are no tensions/ blockages, the “power” from the whole body is in every part of the body.

If the tension is in one part of the body, the power cannot be transferred, for example if the hip muscles are tense, then the leg cannot kick and exert power, that is one of the reasons the Russians use the whip on the lower back and buttock muscles, then the blood flows freely from the upper body to the legs and vice versa.

How do we become whole:

– Breathing Exercise; First it is not only a matter of relaxation – Push-ups  walking, rolling and exercises with breathing, will teach you to group your body together. For example you are jumping with two feet together, exhaling on the landing, when you first do this your body, arms and legs will not be joined and will flail around unconnected. When you do this for a while, you will get tired and will begin to group yourself together more.

– Massage; the normal walking massage as described here will help to remove tensions and blockages

– Sensitivity: Lay down and begin to feel your pulse in your heart region, neck, temples, then at the armpits, wrists, hands,  solar plexus, etc going down to the feet, feel where your blockages are – where there is no pulse point, then you know the areas you need to work on.

– Hard massage/Being Hit ; Let one of the Russian trainers work with you, hit and push you, Let one of the massage guys give you a stick massage. This will remove the deeper tensions which stop blood flow and block your psyche.

Enjoy 🙂


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