Val Riazanov Seminar, Holland – Dec 2012

27 Jan

This was a really interesting seminar as Val has a a very real and unique perspective on fighting and life.
I got to work with him for a fair bit of the seminar, including slashing at him with a knife during a demo, which was fun 🙂

Walking with hands in the air, to create heaviness in the hands.
Stand up – squat down and fall onto back roll lengthways down spine, roll up, then stand up, in one movement.
Walking forward in a squat position, then backwards, then jumping forward in a squat position


Fight training
Someone stands stationary in front of you in a stance and you place your fist and push them, in the direction they want to go naturally.
Someone is in a stance in front of you, then they start punching towards you, you just walk/move/sidestep backwards.
Same drill but speed up.
Same drill they punch once you step back, and on the second punch you move in and punch back,

Someone punching continuously, you just hit their arms, to disrupt their movement and balance.

VALS Advice:

– Spar once a week with gloves + head guard to keep sharp
– Train where you’re uncomfortable
– Train to fight someone bigger and stronger, then you must be smarter. Be smarter
– Train with people bigger and stronger
– Ask yourself really and truly, in reality will this work? what i am doing, will this really work in a real situation?
– Someone walks towards you, you move your feet up and down the same as them, to feel their rhythm of weight transfer, when they are nearly to you, you sweep one of their feet, as the weight is being transferred
– Same principle, now someone kicks and you make use of their weight transference


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