Daniil Ryabko Seminar, Veendam October 2012

10 Nov

This was an extremely interesting seminar with Daniil Ryabko, and very well organised.

Here are my notes from the Saturday:
– Lay on the floor, put one hand above your head, with your arm stretched out, then slowly using just your hand turn your body over, as you go along, when you feel tension in your spine, relax and go furthur, then repeat.

Video of this in Moscow:

– Next, you lay on the floor, and your partner tries to turn you over, by levering your arm and doing what he wants, relax completely and he cannot do that, try laying face up and face down.

– You lay on floor, partner holds and locks your wrist/arm, then you move the tension around in him so that he loses balance, by just turn your hand

– By turning your hand learn how to switch the muscle that the person is holding and the tension shifts in them, you group them together, and move them as a whole.

– Standing up, your partner tries to lock you, you just relax your arms and turn your wrist, not engaging any other shoulder or arm muscle, two people then try to lock you in same drill, relax your arms and switch the muscles.
If you do this right you will switch the tension and they will have no support on your arms.

General things:

– If he doesn’t do anything, you don’t do anything.

– Work with his movement, when he gives you something, work with it
– Keep him connected to you
– His tension is towards a direction, turn his tension by just turning your hand, only your hand
(daniil made this look easy)
– When he gives you tension on one muscle, turn and change the muscle so you feel no pressure
– Changing the muscles happens inside you, so people cannot see it
– Make all your power go to your hands
– Turn just the hand, do not engage shoulder or arm muscles, keep them relaxed
– Pushups, leg raises and squats to clean ourselves
– Not only now, you have to relax all the time in your life


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