Slow Exercises: Leg Raises and Extensions

17 May

We finished with Leg Raises, that is rasing the legs from a flat-out, laying down position to over your head as far as you can go.

Sasha emphasized:

– Keeping your body, shoulders, and neck relaxed through the whole movement

– Using the breath to pump your legs up and not engaging the stomach muscles as much as possible.

– Stretching your legs at the end of the movement over your head

– Go as slow as possible

Repeat for 10-15 mins

Then the stretch for the stomach muscles;

This was laying on your left side, with your arm stretched under your head, knees curled up to a 90 degree angle, and right arm laying over your back, relaxing the shoulder muscle. In this position relaxing you body as much as possible with your breathing. Do for 5-10 minutes then switch sides and reverse directions.

Then we laid down on our stomachs, and then using our breath, pumped/breathed ourself up so our head and legs were raised off the floor, and our stomach was the only part touching, then slowly burst breathed ourselves down.

This is a full contraction of the spine followed by a slow relaxation of the spinal muscles.

Repeat 5-10 minutes

That was all the slow exercises, sometimes this included systema situps (with a straight back). This series of slow exercises and stretches was followed by the Systema body walking massage.

Sasha told stories about how these slow exercises make you very strong, without muscle, and how they heal past injuries in a short time. I experienced this first hand, with an old injury, a severely torn MCL ligament – after the classes i was able to do things that i havn’t done for a long time, with increased freedom, mobility and strength. These exercises are extremely powerful.


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