Moscow class with Alexander : Systema Body Massage

27 Apr

The second part of this day was massage, and the first few times it was intense but after doing it every day for a week it became more normal. The emphasis on massage to me makes sense, but a few interesting comments by the instructor (Sasha) he said in the old classes with michael, after every class was massage, and that “massage is a large part of systema” 60/70 percent – i think he said. Also that massage is for both partners: the person giving the massage, is learning how to relax their body, hips, spine, feet and transmit relaxation and not tensing the partner up.

Continuous breathing helps.

The massage series:

1 – P1 (receiving the massage) kneels down facing the wall, P2 (giving the massage) starts walking on the persons feet and slowly walks up then down the persons calf muscle, both sides, the person having the massage has to breath, let go and release the tension.

2 – P1 sits back against the wall legs stretched out and P2 walks from feet up the thighs, avoiding knees and back down, repeat.

3 – P1 Kneels down facing the wall and bends back head, shoulders touching the floor, and P2 walks up from the bottom of knees until the top of thighs and back down, repeat.

4 – P1 lays down head facing the wall, P2 walks up from feet to buttocks avoiding knees, turns feet sideways and walks on back, P1 really has to relax themselves deeply, and don’t give resistance or force back, let the pressure go in. P2 also puts one foot and 25% of weight on the persons neck, turn neck and repeat.

5 – P1 lays back down head facing the wall, P2 walks up them from feet, avoiding knees, up to top of thighs, then turns feet sideways, one foot on chest and one on stomach and step and walk along the person. Then P2 turn both feet facing the partners head and put both on his chest and step around a bit on his chest area.

This is the basic set, there are many other ideas, and small things to add or take away depending on you and your partner, feel, watch your partners reaction, relax him/her, relax yourself, breath and smile.



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