One last Post… Daniel Ryabko Striking Seminar Notes

29 Feb

One last post before i go to Moscow for a month, I will be filming some clips and making notes, they will be on here when i return.. Good luck with your training 🙂

For now i leave you with my notes from a seminar i went to in London 2007 with Daniel Ryabko:


The main focus was on striking and taking strikes.

– Getting hit/ taking strikes is more important than giving strikes

– 1 person lays on floor and lifts 1 body part in to the air eg arm, leg etc

Other person kneels next to person and positions/ places fist and tries to relax the group of muscles that is tensing to keep that body part in the air. Vibrate / move fist around in area where tension originates from to relax those muscle groups and the lifted limb should slowly lower.

– Same with striking, Person tries to get up and you try to find the tension and the point of balance “the moment” to stop the person getting up.

– A saying of Mikhails “timing is everything” , “the right place at the right time”

– When pushing on someone with the fist do not change direction or push in a different direction just place the fist differently and move it around to relax the person downwards.

– When pushing someone with the fist do not create tension in yourself and therefore the other person will not tense as there is no force in the push, there is nothing for him to resist against

– Person lays down and you push your fist in him, so he feels he has to move and he moves.

– Laying on floor, push your fist into the person, so he feels no pain only the power.

– Sitting down push each other with the fists and try to take away his force with a push of your own.

– Standing up push the person with the fist and you should place the fist so that it move the person (very light pressure is required)

– 1st strike/push to control the person – 2nd strike/push to take their balance “give them a direction to fall”

– Taking strikes you exhale on contact, you exhale the pressure of the strike from your upper chest

– The stomach should be full with breath and the breathing should tense up the stomach

– You should exhale in your mind before you exhale with the mouth

– You touch the person in a place that cause their form to be disrupted and they move around to distribute tension and ensure that no tension arises in them

– For fullness inhale and tense the body and exhale and try to keep the feeling of fullness in your body. Exhale into yourself.

– Getting hit by Daniel is an experience, whenever you can get hit by one of these guys do not pass up the opportunity.


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