Warning: 3D Movement

26 Feb

This class was inspiring and interesting with ideas flowing the whole time.

Here are the insights i got from the lesson:

– 3D Movement – you work on all plains of movement not only left or right but also up, down, foward, backward, diagonally. The more directions the better as then the partner becomes intwined in your movement and is easily tangled in their own tension.

– Intention – when you start to push someone, their intention goes their, some people tense, others relax. The important thing is knowing how to work with their intention, know where they are full and where they are empty. If you start thinking about what you want to do, your partner feels your intention and can escape, if he does’nt know what you are going to do/ where you are going to push before you do it, it becomes difficult to move away/tense up or escape from it. Try touching one part of your partners body, watch how he/his mind jumps to  that part, then another part, then try to trick him go to touch one part but touch another. What is his feeling?

– When walking towards a person, how you move towards them, subtly influences their body, twisting your body, moving into their space in certain ways – even before you touch them, influences their inner tension.

– Stick exercises, with a stick hold it anyway you want – warm yourself up and relax yourself, rolls, pushups, situps, leg raises, squats, rolling on stick etc..

– Massage yourself with the stick, create your own ways, an interesting idea is to put one end of stick against the wall and the other end pokes into your stomach, you move the stick to the points you feel a lot of tension in your stomach and leave it their, poking it in more when you need to. This is an excellent drill for relaxing the stomach and getting into those small, tense areas.

– Be calm inside, have patience.



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