Mindwork Seminar Sunday

24 Feb

This day had a relaxed atmosphere, maybe because of the amount we all ate and drunk the night before, to start we took it slowly…

We began with walking, 2 steps inhaling  1 step exhaling, then 4 steps inhaling 2 steps exhaling, and so on up to 14 inhaling, 7 exhaling. Then straight to 1 steps inhaling 2 steps exhaling, 2 steps  inhaling 4 steps exhaling and so on up to 7 inhaling 14 exhaling then to finish 1 step breathing in, 1 step breathing out.  This was pure breath and mind work.

Then a massage, 1 person lays down and the other person kneels next to them, puts one hand on their lower back and begins to slowly shake the person, the object is to feel the persons internal rythm and shake them so as to relax them, the shake should move throughout their entire body, and at the speed that is right for them, try it faster/ slower or deeper/shallower. Then put you other hand on the bottom of their lower back, still shaking the person with this rhythm, and slowly move the other hand up their spine, allowing them to feel that point where you put your hand. Work you way up to their top neck vertebrae, then begin to move down. A tip that was given, is that whatever side you kneel (beside the person laying), they must turn their head to face your direction.

After that we laid down on the floor (on our backs) and on the out breath held our breath, restored, then again held the breath on the exhale, again restore. Then the same but laying on the left side, then Right side, and stomach. 2 breath holds+ recovery cycles per position.

I found the next exercise very interesting:

You sit cross legged, and inhale, exhale and let your back and neck bend foward, inhale, exhale and let it go down more, keep repeating this releasing your muscles. Then on the last point, inhale, exhale and hold your breath. When you can hold it no longer, do recovery/burst breathing and let that breath pump you up to your original position, if you do this right, it will feel just like the air pumps you up. Repeat.

Then the same exercise but with legs stretched out to either side. Repeat.

Some interesting thoughts and ideas given:

– Give honest feedback, tell your partner what you feel, and experience.

– Play – experiment, do something, Make mistakes

– Dont give the partner any tension otherwise he can feel you move and react.

– Relax the hands keep them heavy

– Relax the shoulders, otherwise, again, he feels your movement.


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