10-12th February “Mind Work” Systema seminar

18 Feb

This seminar was extremly interesting and unique. Given by some very skilled guys from Systema Finland. The main work of the seminar was what they called “Mind Work”.

Friday – Some notes and exercises

(Some excellent and amazing warmups given!)

– Walk around the hall 1 step breathing in, 1 step breathing out, when you get to the place you started walking from you do, 1 pushup, 1 leg raise, 1 squat. Then walking again, 1 step inhale, 1 step exhale, when you get to the starting place again you do 2 pushups, 2 leg raises, 2 squats. and so on using the walking as a restoration period, to relax and remove the tension. This was up to 14 then start from 1 again.

(There was something mentioned about, if you have back problems do situps instead)

– Partner 1 punches Partner 2 just by straightening the arm, relaxing and straightening. Partner 2 then says what they feel, where are you tense, in your body, as your tension stops the force coming out of your arm. (tense hips, spine etc) (Also your internal tension, “trying” to hit, instead of hitting)

– Then same drill, but first strike is normal, then on the second, the person punching, should think/make the strike go deeper, not by hitting harder just by the mind.

– Rolling and moving on floor, releasing your muscles and body, going slowly, softly and relaxed, breathing in on one movement then out for another movement, making the breathing as smooth as you want the movement to be.


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