How to Walk with Power, Agility and Softness

3 Feb

Some useful tips and drills on walking:

– Walk with the knees, lift the knee up and let the foot drop in a relaxed, soft way

– Walk as quietly and relaxed as possibly

– Walk on the whole surface of the foot, not on the heels or balls of feet but on whole foot.

– Keep the body straight and balanced, don’t lean.


Practice walking on different parts of the foot; Toes, heels, outside of foot, inside of foot, knees pointed in/out – All these backwards, fowards, sideways, round, all with breathing. This will relax your feet and legs and help you discover an efficent, relaxed way to walk.


Squat/Duck walking

An exercise which makes the leg muscles work efficently and effectivly – strengthens the correct muscles and balances the hips.  In this you are walking in the lowest position by squatting down and moving the knees  and feet in a straight line stepping fowards, backwards, sideways and round. Do this with 2 steps breathing in, 2 breathing out. Then when it becomes difficult – one step breathing in and 1 step out. Do this for as long as possible breathing strongly and quickly when necessary and relax the unecessary muscles, shoulders, arms, neck etc.


For more on walking I reccommend:

Let every breath – By Vladimir Vasiliev

Breathwork and combat DVD – Valentin Talanov






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