Timing, Presence…

28 Jan

Last night in Meppel was interesting training,

First of all pushups breathing in throughout the movemnts, then holding, then breathing out, then holding the breath – doing pushups on each phase of the breath cycle, repeating this until you could’nt do anymore, then situps, leg raises, and squats, then rotate aound again to pushups, situps etc  We did this for a while and i felt the blood pressure rising in my head a lot, and had a headache for a little while, but then as the pressure evened out i was all good.

Then escaping and moving from grabs, punches, kicks then using the idea of the person has to shift weight from one leg to another and when their weight is one one leg then they are more vunerable, and the idea of “don’t give them too much space to move, push them where they cannot step to move away. The real idea behind this kind of work was what i called timing, and when i said that at the end of the class arend said it was more about being there, being in the moment. It was deep, but in kind of way i understood it and it resonated with me.

Takeaways from the lesson- being present at the moment – breathing.

I am really enjoying training with Arend and the guys and i appreciate that i can train Systema at a level which is not compfortable for me and forces me to grow and get better, i need that otherwise i will become lazy.


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