Flow: Grabs, Punches, Kicks

26 Jan

Awesome class in Zwolle last night.

Breathwork and restoration work to start:

1 pushup, 1 situp, 1 leg raise, 1 squat – run around the hall 1 time and restore yourself

2 pushups, 2 situps, 2 leg raises, 2 squats – run around the hall and restore yourself

Repeat to 10 then backdown.

Tips given – Minimise tension in the movemnts, restore yourself with faster burst breathing when running.

We started off with one partner laying down and the other partner doing rolls on them, then swtitch.

Then partner lays first of back and the other partner walks over them – just walks – over there chest, legs stomach. Then same drill but laying on the stomach.

Then partner sits up and the other partner stands on the upper legs and walks over them.

Then parter goes facing a wall and other one steps on the calfs and then walks up and down them.

Now standing partner punches other partner in the head, just hits 2-3 times then switch back and forth…  send the punch through the spine of the partner.

Then one partner grabs others arm and hits it shoulder, forar, bicep everything – very relaxed arms after this.

Then one partner punches the other has to breath and move/ escape. Same with grabs, then same with kicks. Then all together, then going to the floor while continuing movements, on the floor the same.

Then same drill but looking where the partner is tense and doing the movement IN the movement/ don’t stop the flow.

Thoughts of mine: just doing out, keeping myself there in the room, breathing staying whole and relaxed.

Shoulder blade pushups – found these very cool – as you go down in the pushup position squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold, then as you go up you relase them.


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