3 Tips from Breathwork and Combat DVD Valentin Talanov

30 Dec

I got the breathwork and combat dvd for christmas, and worked through one section today, a few insights from Valentin that came up:

1- When walking, step on the whole foot, the foot is flat on the floor and relax the hips, legs, ankles and body when walking

2- Breath holds on the out breath, in pushup position in; 90 degrees midway position and full way down. Recover yourself in between each time. Then repeat.

(breath holds helped me release tensions that i did’n feel before, and gave me more sensation of pulse, blood pressure, and tension around my body) Try to feel this – when you do a breath hold, pay attention to where the tension gathers and where the blood pressure rises, try to equalize it during the hold, how- relax the parts that tense up, feel where the heaviness is and isn;t and make it feel equal. i found it very intresting work, the same as removing the excess pressure from a strike.)

3- Do as many pushups – or other exercise – until you become tired, then let yourself drop into the low portion of the exercise , then use burst breathing to pump yourself up to the upright position, a feeling where the breath fills you up, and pumps you up to the upright position, it will feel as if your body spreads the effort over your whole body more.  repeat this, then try with squats, leg raises, sit ups.


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