You Are Always Moving

18 Dec

This is from the training at Zwolle and Meppel during the previous week:

Main things that stuck in my head:

– Conversation with arend, he said that if a body is balanced you don;t need massage to relax, but it is useful for other things, getting used to contact etc

– when we get touched a lot our nerve endings relax

– punch where the person doesn’t expect if he knows where you are going to punch him he can absorb the contact from that point so  punch him somewhere else, somewhere unexpected.

– short work, not chambering the fist, punching from where you are, it is powerful because it is not seen.

– go with the flow of movement, blend with his movement

– double work, two things in one movement, two strikes in one motion.

– learning how to restore yourself is very important, restore yourself at every opportunity, on the downphase of a pushup, when in pushup position,

– you are always moving, inside and out, blood flowing, breathing, constant movement is important even if you can not see it, when you watch michael it is there – look closer. even a turn of the palm or a shift of body position. always move.


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