Feeling Comfortable

2 Dec

This class was as usual excellent.

Warm up was, 1 pushup, recover, 2 pushups, recover, 3, 4 etc up to 10 then about 5 times 10, recovering in between. Relaxing our body, feeling comfortable, emphasized feeling comfortable, go towards comfort.

Then was 50 squats any breathing pattern, i found i was breathing heavily at the end of these, as my breath was not matched to the effort, and something Arend explained was that if you take a too deep inhalation, then when you u down the blood bounces into the breath and stops your movement like a brake, the blood pressure rises and the breathing hit together, the breathing should not tense you up and should be just enough for the effort not more. Repeated this exercise, second time was better although more improvement needed…

Arend talked about that in systema we are looking for the state, one of relaxation, wholeness, focus. I think this is interesting as in daily life i find myself sometimes with scattered thoughts, occasionally unbalanced emotions – i do a few pushups and squats or just breath and it makes me whole again. By whole i mean body and mind connected as one.

Not thinking about what to do, just doing it. Not doing relaxed. Just being relaxed. not try just do.

In systema we don’t fight we just do. If your fighting you’re doing it wrong.

We were doing neck hold, chokes/grabs at the end/worst position and the idea was to follow the movement and slip out with relaxation and movement. constantly breathing. I found that when working with arend the first time was good, i just did it, then i started to feel a bit of pride – i can do this, it’s easy – then the tension came in and i started to think. and the second grab was worse, i could not feel, i was feeling and thinking too much, i was not letting the body work.

advice to self – The body knows what to do, let it work.  i knew that. so many things and feelings i have from systema, i felt and understood a long time ago, but now after travelling for 2 years, i must relearn the deeper things, or unlearn the bad habits.. but it is fun 🙂

An interesting feeling i have had the last two days, somethign i again feel. that for me when i feel fear it comes into my stomach, the tense, dropped feeling, if i relax my stomach then it is very hard for me to feel fear. i feel fear in my stomach. another way of putting it –  The fear sits in my stomach. where do you feel fear?


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