Intresting Solo Training End November

28 Nov

Traning tonight was short and powerful, i felt lke rolling so..:

– Rolling while extending an In breath through the entire motion of the roll, the same with an out breath smoothly exhaling and rolling at the same time

– Rolling with hands behind back held together. , (anyway) while breathing constantly (anyway), releasing tension and feeling, slow fast by feel

– Then restored myself to normal breathing and condition, then an out breath and hold, and roll around (with hands clasped all the time behind my back) anyway as long as possible, then burst breathing to restore myself.

– Then rolling with arms unclasped relaxed, smooth rolls, with any breathing style building to a flow and frenzy of rolls, from standing, kneeling, sqatting, sitting, smooth an constant.

The breathing and restoring myself.
10 pushups, situps, leg raises, squats – slowly. breath restore, finish πŸ™‚

I have just attended a semina with sonny puzikas in belgium, my notes to follow πŸ˜‰


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