Using No Force

17 Nov

A very intresting class last night, i worked with a guy who had experience and understanding, and it made my training deeper – i remembered and felt many old feelings of relaxation, using no force and flow power,
some intresting things:
A drill where the partner is going to grab you different ways and you escape while letting him feel like hes still got you, or you grasp nothing,
then do something, take him to the floor + strikes.
My partner was very useful as he gave me resistence or did’nt move if i used force/tension, the old feeling was reignited – in using complete relaxation, and if your are relaxed deeply then it relaxs him, literally if you give him no force, strcture, support – only what you choose – then he has nothing to hold onto, and almost brings himself to the floor.
this is magical, and was happening more and more towards the end, in the begiining i was trying to outpower or wrestly my partner,
i think this has come from my 2 years of not training in a class and has been conditioned by my enviroment, people and habits, i shall continue to unlearn a lot of these conditionings…

Ideas and feelings: Constant movement up, down left right in out, 3 dimensions – was another idea given by Arend. all the dimensions of movement, not just trying to force someone in one plane.

always moveing when the person starts to move i move, breathing smooth all the time in out.
using breath to relax the person.

The class went by in flow, another awesome experience from Arend!


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