Systema Breathing and Keeping Calm Inside

11 Nov

After just coming back from mikhails seminar in berlin, i was feeling very relaxed, aware and more like my old/new systema self. (notes to follow from berlin)

This class was excellent and the only annoyance  for me is not being able to train with arend and the guys every day of the week, unfortunatley i have the 4 letter illness – at the moment (W.O.R.K) so i can only train wednesdays but it looks like i may be having fridays free from now on.

Anyways, the class started with a 5 count pushup down and up, then a 10 count down and up then a 20 count down and up, in between each you were to recover your breathing, your natural relaxed state and psche, only then move on to the next. The highest level being able to recover yourself from exertion with one breath inhale, exhale – normal. Incredible, i have a long way to go 🙂

The same then for situps and sqats, with a final leg raise exercise of holding the legs raised to the furthest point of the head for counts.

The focus was very much on breathing, which is awesome, as i find when anything is not going the way i would like, then my breathing has stopped or is blocked. Breathing is the key.

Then moving on to falling different ways and getting up with smooth, uninterupted breathing.

The drills were then about walking towards your partner along a line, and relaxing and letting your body move when you contact the person, not moving before but letting your body and breathing do the work, this was done in different ways eyes closed, backwards walking towards each other and with arm/fist out. i felt the fear building up before sometimes and continous breathing was again the key.

A nice rolling exercise was you both had to roll into each other, feel the flow and let your bodys contact and relaxing not resisting, very nice feeling, almost like roll- dancing.

Then your partner was walking in and punching you and you had to move away – breathing and continuous moving not stopping was emphasized, then faster and partner starts closer to you, until you were moving into a good position – a space where the fist was not. Moving towards the space.. Then transitioning when the feeling/positioning/timing was right into a takedown and striking.

Same drill but on the floor with the partner walking towards you.

Some personal thoughts for me: positioning, keeping calm inside,  systema distnance – close, breathing, relaxing my stomach which is the area for me where the fear/tension first comes.

Excellent class – i would recommend arends class 100% to anyone, he is a extremly skilled Systemaist and teacher.

(the drills we did in the class may be in the wrong order, slightly different and we almost certainly did do more, but i write it as i feel, what i thought and what i remember)


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