Training at Arends Dubbelboers Class Without Arend

29 Oct

So on Wednesday i went to Zwolle to train with Arend dubbelboer,
when i got there i found out it was cancelled. So me and the 4 other guys trained outside in a sort of school playground.
One of the other guys offered to give the class, and showed us aspects as to how he trains the police in holland. It was interesting training, aspects were: awareness of your surroundings, use of obstacles, and a good warm up.

A good drill was doing pushups continuously and looking around you, and the other guy holds up so many fingers and you have to shout out the number – the guy was walking around you so you had to be aware of where he was and continue with the pushups, then the same with squats.

We did some punching and kicking drills, and i felt my movement was good, but i was concentrating more on specific aspects of myself – rather than on the one thing that can relax my mind and body simulataneoulsy and connect them = Breathing.

I go to a seminar with Jan bloem on sunday on stick fighting, which i’m looking foward to 🙂


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