Breathing, Whys and a New beginning

3 Oct

(the following are my thoughts, feelings and experiences with the russian martial art of Systema)

Breathing, Whys and a New beginning

So, for the past 2 years or so I have relied only on self training/self education about Systema.

While travelling throughout Europe, I have got myself into some unpleasant situations and Systema has always been there to help me out, it is a deep part of me and my understanding, and it is truly powerful.I can feel my body has accumulated some tension and stiffness, which through the following next training sessions, I will deal with.

Yesterday I was doing some rolling and breathing exercises, to massage my body/ spine and something that I felt was missing is an awareness of the ground, and of myself moving on the ground, I need to reactivate the way my body contacts and feels the ground, basically remove the fear with breathing. When I say my body has accumulated tension I mean the body and mind as a whole. In reality they are inseparable, they both influence each other so profoundly and synergistic-ally, that to separate them weakens the whole.

Last thought for today is about Mikhail, Vladimir, Konstantin, Daniel, Sergi,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful thing with us.

 Also to all of the people and instructors I have had the pleasure to learn from and train with before my travelling. Thanks Guys 🙂

 This first post is a bit fragmented as this is how I am at this moment, but bear with me, it will get better.


Walking in a circle and different patterns, 1 step breathing in, 1 step breathing out 2 steps in, 2 steps out up to 15 in,15 out (with arms above head) to relax the shoulders and make breathing more challenging, then from 15 in/out to 8 in/out (arms out in front) to relax the shoulders in a different way, then from 8 in/out to 1 in/out (arms out to sides), while going lower and lower into a walking squat position,

(to release the muscle link from the upper body to legs, to make the legs do there job and support the body without involving any unnecessary muscles)

Then I interspersed some rolling into squat walking, breathing is paramount for smoothness here, in out, all the time!

 Then a Push-up hold into a slow Push-up.

Then lying on the floor breathing in and out through the whole body, and breathing through any extra tension in different parts to make my body feel complete and whole.

 A thought I just had,

The question how do I train?, why do I do that?

The answer is feeling.

I look for completeness, wholeness and balance in my body and psyche, no unnecessary tension or thoughts. All muscles work together and symmetrically, so the reason I do different things at different moments is because I feel what I need and then do it.

I also know when I am being lazy and need to push on and keep breathing, keep going. Then I find that parts of me that have become separated or weak, (e.g. – injury, shoulder tenseness, thinking too much, etc.) become whole again.

 So I guess the True answer is self awareness.

Luck 🙂



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